Where I went wrong with my idea hit rate

Ideas have always come to me while going about my life, in the form of a wouldn't it be cool if? Wouldn't it be cool if finding a fractional accountant was as easy us spinning up a fractional server through services like Digital ocean or AWS? While ideas like this seem inticing, the approach will likely yield many lower-quality ideas - and yes, this could be the way that some of the amazing ideas of the world have occurred, but we're not looking to rely on chance.

If you're going to be systematic about it, perhaps the key to quality isn't waiting for a brilliant burst of inspiration but starting a systematic search for opportunities that are desirable to customers, feasible in that they can pay-off and viable in that they sit within your circle of competence.

I'm seeing a matrix of customers you're looking to serve, the products and services they use in their day to day to go about life and identifying where a gap exists between how good something should be versus how good it is?