I'm de-risking my startup with a Service to SaaS strategy

SaaS startups are hard. They require a lot of upfront investment, whether it's your own time or money. They are risky, unless you're validating as you go, you are taking a risk that you won't find product market fit. They need consistent feedback and customer use to find product market fit.

This is why I'm using a Service to SaaS Strategy to launch my startup.

A Service to SaaS strategy involves offering the services that your saas either accompanies or automates while building and using your SaaS in offering the service until the SaaS revenue grows to a point where you can stop offering the service.

The upside:

Services will deliver sustenance faster than a saas can

You can sell-in your saas from the inside

Your saas will get both client and your own use which will result in real-world feedback sooner

The downside:

You'll have to find time to build your SaaS

Your saas may mutate towards the needs of a specific client

I've resolved to try this approach after having a period where I could exclusively work on the saas but was out of real-world work. I'll try to overcome the downsides by being disciplined in my work.